If you are capable of anything else than being at someone’s orders, you are on the side of the people who believe that the world is not divided between masters and slaves.

As a person with intelligence who thinks by himself, without taking ideas from others and submitting to some as a servant; you now have the opportunity to show that you can be your own owner, that what you say “matters” and people are listening to what you have to say.

The country you live in, is not “THEIRS” it’s “YOUR” country, your community, the location upon which you…

Call me crazy, although I’d rather risk a very strong cold than a blood clot.

I don’t understand what is going on with the rationality and critical thinking that human beings used to exert and cultivate through the ages; it feels to me as if we’re moving backwards intellectually as a species: I have a vague idea on what’s causing this neuronal capacity breakdown and underdevelopment, although it is not the subject of my current expression.

I’m a trader, I assess risk for a living: there’s no way that a 99.7% …

Crowd saluting Hitler and one person defying dictatorship standards and risking imprisonment — are you wearing a mask still?

Our ancestors fought hundreds of years with their heart and blood to obtain fundamental freedoms and liberty for all. We are indeed very grateful for their efforts and definitely appreciate living in a better jointly-constructed understanding of the world, although what most of us don’t notice or choose to ignore is that the efforts of our ancestors are decaying in-vain as we allow the few to oppress the many over and over again.

Our freedoms used to be taken away at a comfortable pace and as we adapt to the subtle changes the “new normal” overrides the freedoms in our…


is there anything you cannot be made to believe?

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