Read and think for yourself. Don’t let others think for you.

If you are capable of anything else than being at someone’s orders, you are on the side of the people who believe that the world is not divided between masters and slaves.

As a person with intelligence who thinks by himself, without taking ideas from others and submitting to some as a servant; you now have the opportunity to show that you can be your own owner, that what you say “matters” and people are listening to what you have to say.

The country you live in, is not “THEIRS” it’s “YOUR” country, your community, the location upon which you live your life. Why shouldn’t life be just joy? Democracy in its essence is based on the rule of the people (Demos = “people” / Kratos = “rule) “the RULE of the PEOPLE”. Our current Democracy uses the Inversion Mental Model (IMM) where instead of being the rule of the people, it’s the rule of the elite. Exactly how the Department of Defense (DOD) using IMM becomes the Department of Attack, a description which makes more sense as if you haven’t yet noticed the DOD is actually always Attacking.

The power of the people is formed by you, me, and everybody else with whom we live together, although we let ourselves be ruled and abused by opportunists: people interested only towards their own interests, in any case not of you nor your life or mine. You can observe these facts by yourself, I’m just the one confirming what you have already realized and known since you have started thinking for yourself.

A country is not the property of any political party. A country is the property of the people who live in it. You can now change. If you care about yourself and your ideas come and join the thinking few and I guarantee that you’ll realize that you’re different. The moment you can feel proud to have built a nation conforming to the norms of true Democracy, rather than the rubbish and blatant manipulation that you see on television.

Admit that you’ve learnt in school or often heard the words “unity is strength”. The moment has come to show to the world your own free will, unite with other free thinkers and admit these words are true. Vote by your own convictions the people that truly represent you. We can do this very easily, all we need to do at the next legislative elections is to go vote and choose one of us, a person from our ranks, a person who truly believes in liberty and freedom for all.

Transform the Parliament in what it needs to be, a place where you have what to say and where your word is being heard. Remove the “abusive fortress” that is the Parliament in its current iteration, where you don’t have any right nor access, and if you have any access it’s only because you’re permitted to have it. Take your country back from the hands of the people that do whatever they want regardless of you.

The objective of the rulers is to keep us divided as unity gives us strength and poses a threat to them. If you choose to be complacent in just “living” life, listening to your “owners” then stay as you are in the flock of slaves; you’ve chosen your own destiny.

Every single tyranny in human history has happened because the majority of the people has given their power away to the tyrant few. It’s not possible otherwise. Stop giving your power to the few, and stop allowing the few to dictate your life.

Please do not cooperate with your own enslavement, just say NO. Authority has no innate power, you give it power with your obedience.

I want to end with just an example of how the world could be when the divide disappears and people realize they’re one. In 2018 Jewish people, Christian people and Muslim people go to sing a song together in Jerusalem. I can never watch it without crying, maybe you can.

This song is a symbol of how the world could be if we realize who we are and take our power back:

is there anything you cannot be made to believe?